Dhara 302 (2016) : MP4 Video Songs

Dhara 302 mp4 video songs

Download Bollywood Movie Dhara-302 MP4 Video Songs. You Can Download Dhara-302 Songs in HD to your Mobile for free. Bollywood Movie Dhara-302 starring Rufy Khan Dipti Dhotre Gulshan Pandey Vicky Pandit Rohit Tada and others.

Dhara 302 is produced by Bhawani Shankar Yogi of Sakshi and directed by Jitendra Singh Naruka. Research. Screenplay and Dialogue by Jitendra Singh Naruka. Production Manager Karan Kamboj & casting Director is Rupesh Patel.

Dhara 302 is a story about a young lad Veer Singh who accidentally walks on the path of crime from the age of 12. Circumstances force him to continue walking on this path and he ends up becoming a bigger criminal. However, his lady love Kalpana makes him choose the right path. But does he manage to live a happy life? Will the society accept a person with a criminal past? All such questions are answered through the storyline.

Director:Jitendra Singh Naruka
Producer:Bhawani Shankar Yogi
Released Date: 26 Feb 2016


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